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Cody (Chippewa Cody) - born May 11, 2000 (Buck x Mocha)

Cody pointed and retrieved a lot of quail and chukars by eight months of age and has developed into a great reliable hunting companion. He has an excellent nose and uses it very well. Cody is a rangy dog that covers a lot of ground effortlessly and has matured at about 70 pounds. Despite being larger than most German Shorthairs, he has never had foot problems even when hunting chukars day after day in rimrocks. He recently finished his ninth hunting season with little sign of slowing down.

Cody has a very soft mouth, picking up day-old quail training chicks and delivering them unharmed. He tracks and retrieves a wide variety of game and is a great asset to my bowhunting. His largest bowhunting recoveries to date are a 30 pound adult male coyote and a 21 pound longbeard turkey - still alive! (Photos can me seen using link below). Through fall, 2009, 30 of his pups have run their Natural Ability tests; 27 have passed and resulted in five litters (Delta, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007; Gracie, 2008) earning Natural Ability Breeders Awards. Cody has also sired four outside litters - all are showing outstanding potential.

Cody is available for mating to approved bitches. They must be X-rayed and scored free of hip dysplasia and be strong hunters (and preferably NAVHDA tested).

NAVHDA test results:

OFA hip evalution: GOOD

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