Breeding Policies

We are breeding for Versatile dogs that do it all - point, retrieve, work in the water, trail, search, etc. All of our dogs have been tested through NAVHDA and excel at all levels of testing. All dogs are X-rayed and certified dysplasia-free before consideration for breeding, that includes any outside bitches to be mated.

The litter will be registered with both NAVHDA and the American Kennel Club (AKC) by the seller. The puppy is purebred and eligible for registration with both AKC and NAVHDA. Registration documents will be given to the buyer at time of puppy collection or forwarded when received by the seller; individual registration and transfer of ownership is the responsibility of the buyer.

The buyer is completely responsible for the care and training of the puppy from the time of receipt. Seller would like to be part of the training, if possible, and offers to serve as a resource for any questions regarding care and training of the pup. We supply training guidance through a number of written training guides as well as personal contact and an email discussion group for sharing responses to training, health, or other puppy management questions.

We encourage all buyers to test their dogs through NAVHDA but do not require either breeding or testing contracts - when you buy a pup, it's YOUR pup to manage as you desire. If the pup is run in a NAVHDA Natural Ability test before the age of 16 months, seller will refund the buyer half of the entry fee, up to $60. In other words, seller strongly encourages the pup to be NA tested - enough to share the test entry fee.

Puppy Guarantee:

Chippewa pups are born and raised in the home, socialized and introduced to gamebirds as weather permits. They will have dew claws removed and tails docked at two/three days of age. Pups will be de-wormed (routine health management) and receive their first set of shots (distemper, parvovirus, parainfluenza and adenovirus) by 7 weeks of age. The puppy's vaccination record will be provided at the time of collection - approximately 49 days of age.

Puppies are guaranteed to be in sound health and free from communicable diseases at the time of sale and for the following 48 hours. Seller will refund 100% of purchase price if the puppy is found to be in poor health by the buyer's veterinarian within 48 hours from the time of puppy collection. Time to veterinary examination may be extended in writing if circumstances warrant. The buyer is encouraged and instructed to set up an ongoing vaccination/health schedule with their own veterinarian at the time of first veterinary examination. Any health problems detected are to be reported to the breeder immediately.

If before reaching the age of 24 months, the dog is certified by a veterinarian to be unhealthy due to causes known to be genetic, the buyer will receive a 100% refund upon return of the dog to the seller. It is recommended that the buyer have the pup examined by a veterinarian within 48 hours of receipt and that an ongoing vaccination/health program be set up at that time.

Seller guarantees that the puppy's hips will be OFA or PennHip certifiable at two years of age. It is the buyer's responsibility to meet the following requirements to enforce this guarantee:

  1. Hips of dog must be X-rayed before the dog is twenty eight (28) months old;
  2. X-ray film must be submitted to OFA or PennHip immediately;
  3. OFA or PennHip is the sole judge of hip quality;
  4. Seller is to receive a copy of the OFA or PennHip written report in a timely manner.

Seller will fully refund the sale price of a dog found to be dysplastic by OFA or PennHip and returned to the seller.

Conditions of Deposit and Purchase:

  1. If the mating is unsuccessful, offer of deposit return will be made immediately upon determination of non-pregnancy. Depositor will also be offered the option of first available pick order from other available litters or planned re-mating.
  2. Prospective buyers making deposits will be guaranteed their choice from among at least two pups, e.g. if three buyers make deposits for males and only three males are available, the person making the third deposit has the right of refusing the last male and their deposit will be refunded. Buyers will be informed of the current pick order prior to payment of their deposit.
  3. The litter will be registered with both AKC and NAVHDA. Buyer will receive transfer certificates and is responsible for individual registration of the pup with both organizations.
  4. I reserve the right to select and retain one pup from the litter although I do not intend to do so. I insert this condition in the event of unforeseen circumstances with my own dogs and breeding program.
  5. In the event depositor is no longer interested in purchase of a puppy available according to the above conditions, deposit is forfeited.

Conditions for Stud:


  1. Must be hip dysplasia-free; copy of OFA or Penn-Hip certificate required.
  2. Must have certificate of negative Brucella test within previous 6 weeks and certificate of all vaccinations (including rabies) being up to date.
  3. Must be registered (AKC or alternative).
  4. Bitch must be used for hunting and show strong hunting ability (preferably having been NAVHDA tested).
  5. Temperment of bitch must be found acceptable by me.

Shipping conditions:

  1. By air to and from Eugene, OR airport; owner pays freight both ways.


  1. Stud fee to be agreed upon in writing prior to mating of the bitch; incentive rebate of $25/pup to maximum of 4 pups tested and achieving NAVHDA Prize II or higher.
  2. A handling/boarding fee of $50 will be charged for bitches boarded for the duration of heat; includes airport pickup and delivery where appropriate. Boarded bitches will be mated once daily while receptive during their stay at Chippewa Kennel. For local bitches brought to the kennel for each mating it is suggested that mating be scheduled for alternative days as long as bitch is receptive.
  3. Payment: $100 mating deposit plus $50 handling/boarding fee due prior to shipping or at time of delivery of bitch to Chippewa Kennel; balance of fee due at whelping. If no pregnancy results, owner of bitch has choice of re-mating or return of the $100 deposit.
  4. Guarantee of at least 3 live pups; if bitch whelps but produces 2 or fewer live pups, balance of stud payment is due but free re-mating will be provided if desired with $50 handling fee waived.
  5. Owner is responsible for insuring bitch for full time away from home and must sign waiver of liability.