Garrett Cover Photo

Chippewa Delta's Garrett - born November 22, 2007 (Chippewa Kennel, Oregon).

Garrett was selected from the 2007 Cody x Delta litter as Cody's future replacement as kennel stud dog. Two male pups were retained from the litter, developed over the summer and run in their NAVHDA Natural Ability tests. Garrett was selected over his brother based on slightly earlier development and stronger hunting drive and a very attentive personality. He is a very strong young dog but runs with grace and ease. He is expected to reach a mature size similar to Cody (70 pounds).

Garrett has very good self control and loves attention - no hesitation in coming when called or staying close when commanded. He responds very quickly to commands in the field and gladly retrieves shot birds to hand without hesitation. He had a very good second hunting season and has stood up fine to hunting as many as six days straight.

Garrett is available for mating to approved bitches. They must be X-rayed and scored free of hip dysplasia and be strong hunters (and preferably NAVHDA tested).

NAVHDA background:

OFA hip evaluation: GOOD

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