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Outlander Gracie of Chippewa - born June 5, 2005 (Outlander Kennel, Colorado).

Gracie received her first hunting exposure on wild birds at four months of age early in the 2005/6 upland bird season. Initially, she focused on stealing every bird being retrieved by Cody and Delta and bringing them to me. Then she realized what hunting was all about and she began finding, pointing and holding her own birds. Now in her fifth hunting season, she displays excellent range, pointing, and backing, and does an exceptional job of tracking wounded birds.

Gracie has always been very obedient and easily trained. By seven months she was retrieving all birds and training dummies to hand and eager to stand up on her hind legs to deliver when asked. She is a delightful girl that loves attention and fearlessly explores new places and situations.

Gracie is a lot of dog in a small package (42 pounds). This was exemplified when she produced 10 puppies in her first litter (March, 2008) and did a beautiful job of raising them all without assistance. She has been very prolific, producing 9 puppies in her second litter (January, 2009) and eight in her third (February, 2010).

NAVHDA background:

OFA hip evaluation: GOOD

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