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Duckhaven's Piper of Chippewa - born February 2, 2007 (Duckhaven Kennel, Oregon).

Piper is a very attractive dog with a laid back personality. Crate training her at seven weeks took only two nights and she didn't make a sound thereafter. When getting tired she would simply adjourn to her kennel for a nap. She is an excellent natural tracker - initially something of a challenge when working her on planted birds because she would track the planter right to the bird.

Piper has excellent range, is solid on point, and backs other dogs beautifully. She has always loved the water - if there are any puddles around, she will be playing in them. Her first litter (2009) of five puppies produced excellent hunting reports after their first season at less than one year old. They ran their NAVHDA Natural Ability tests Spring, 2010 - all passed and the result was another NA Breeders Award for Chippewa Kennel. She produced her second litter (4 puppies) from a mating With Garrett; three puppies ran NA tests August, 2010 (less than 6 months old) - two passed and all will be re-tested Spring, 2011.

NAVHDA background:

OFA hip evaluation: EXCELLENT

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